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Top 4 Reasons To Partner With TivaCloud

For third-party administrators (TPAs) and other driver compliance solution vendors, partnering with TivaCloud can improve and expand upon the compliance solutions you are already offering.  You now have the ability to assist your customers to manage all their employees, assets, and compliance data from one single cloud-based platform.

What is TivaCloud?

TivaCloud provides you with the dot compliance technology necessary to completely digitize and streamline the DOT compliance process for your clients. The beauty of TivaCloud is that the software monitors and tracks your progress so that you can spend more time consulting with your clients and running your business. Having TivaCloud on your side can mean the difference between a conditional and a satisfactory DOT safety rating.

Everything about TivaCloud is designed to make managing your client’s DOT and OSHA compliance a snap. The TivaCloud interface is designed to be instantly accessible to users of every experience level. The idea is to get you up and running without having to deal with excessive complexity or a big learning curve.

What Can You Do With TivaCloud?

We specialize in DOT and OSHA Compliance. Our cloud-based system will help your clients stay on track with any compliance related task.

Your clients can use our system to stay compliant with DOT related requirements:

Operations Management:

  • Digitize Driver Qualification Files and Employee Files
    Have all your client’s DQ files fully visible and automated. Actionable details of exactly what needs to be done to stay compliant.
  • Asset Management
    Always stay up-to-date on where employee-linked assets are, and how they’re performing.
  • Breakdowns and Alerts for CSA Scores
    Through data visualization, details no longer go overlooked thanks to robust overviews and extensive reports.
  • Drug Testing Programs
    Ensure that all of your client’s employees – especially their drivers – are clean and drug-free.
  • Audit Management
    Streamline DOT audits and inspections to stay compliant with easy to use forms and checklists.
  • Training
    Help your clients stay on top of all the necessary compliance training mandates.
  • Permits
    Keep your clients current with all permits by utilizing our management, creation, and tracking tool.

For your clients in need of OSHA compliance reporting, your clients can gain vital insight by using our system for:

Safety Management:

  • Incidents and Investigations
    You are able to quickly get to the root causes of incidents and immediately investigate it while adhering strictly to OSHA reporting requirements in an efficient manner.
  • Identify Job Hazards
    Our job safety analysis features allow you to quickly and easily upload or create any JSA procedures and streamline the analysis process.
  • Electronic SDS Cards
    By being able to easily upload your electronic SDS files from any file type into our database, you can utilize our simple search options to access them quickly at any time while allowing other employees to view them as well.
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
    Provides the lockout tag-out procedure management options you need to increase your workplace safety
  • Policies and Procedures
    Employees can access important information regarding safety and procedure from any device

For either function, our system is simple and easy to use across all devices. From mobile to desktop, there’s no guesswork or complex learning curve with TivaCloud. If you can navigate your email, you already have all the training you need.

Top 4 Reason To Partner With TivaCloud

So why partner with us? It easy.  With TivaCloud you can improve and expand upon the compliance solutions you are already offering. Here are the 4 main reasons how you can benefit by working with us:

  1. DOT Insights™  Reports
    Insights™ Reports are detailed reports you can use to help monitor and keep your client’s CSA scores down by ensuring you have all the right information on your client’s fleet’s performance. Our details Insights Report gives you instant detailed breakouts of every BASIC score, including violations, accidents, clean inspections, and trending analysis.

    For your motor carriers with a network of terminals but only one USDOT number, you can now get virtual BASIC scores and know the real-world safety/compliance performance of every location in your client’s organization. Insights also identify issues related to specific drivers or vehicles that are contributing negatively to your BASIC scores and provides you the ability to take action.
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and overall compliance
    You now have the ability to streamline your in-house compliance process, saving your customers thousands in fines and lost revenue.
  3. Improve your margin and time spent per customer
    TivaCloud’s simple and robust platform will reduce the time it takes to manage your customer’s compliance data.
  4. Savings for you and your customers
    Partnering with TivaCloud can help you increase revenue by retaining a percentage margin.  Or pass the savings along to your customers.

Ready To Learn More?

Why not improve and expand upon the compliance solutions you are already offering?  With TivaCloud, you can now streamline your client’s DOT and OSHA compliance management with one, simple but powerful online tool. Ensure your clients avoid unnecessary penalties and fines by offering them the insights they need to run their business successfully.

Need more convincing? See how our system works.
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