TivaCloud System Enhancements this Summer

It has been a whirlwind month for us here at TivaCloud, and we have been working tirelessly to implement the amazing feedback we have received from our customers. With so many new enhancements nearing completion, we thought it was a good time to let everyone in on the new improvements.

Enhancements Include:

Driver Scorecard

  • Similar to our CSA dashboard, now each driver in the system gets an individual CSA grade based on their violations and accidents. The Scorecard is part of the Driver Overview and is one more tool to help in the tough task of managing driver compliance. Now, you can quickly identify training opportunities and address those troublesome behaviors that drive up your BASIC scores.

Enhanced FMCSA Violation Share Report

  • As an addition to our dynamic and interactive CSA portal dashboard, you can now generate violation share reports, making it very easy to identify your problem areas during inspections, from vehicle maintenance to driver fitness. You can also export those reports into spreadsheet format, containing violation details and visualizations that are ready to be distributed within your organization.

Driver & Vehicle Import

  • Uploading new drivers and vehicles in the system is already a very quick and easy task, but just to make things a little bit easier, we added a bulk upload so you can add your entire driver roster or fleet in one easy step.

Driver Training Records

  • Though not always kept in the DQ file, driver training records are often requested in a compliance review and must be managed. Now, we have a specific area to help you maintain your drivers’ defensive driving certifications, hazmat certs and any other training documents that expire.

Upcoming Improvements

  • We are still hard at work on the release of our eLogs solution. This expansion is designed to help motor carriers comply with the upcoming new FMCSA rule regarding EOBR/ELDs and electronic hours of service management. Our new mobile app will provide real-time HOS tracking and manage daily vehicle inspection tasks for drivers, keeping your fleet fully compliant and on the road.

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