FMCSA Shuts Down Trucking Company

FMCSA Shuts Down Trucking Company

Don’t Let This Happen To You – Take Control Of Your Driver Qualification Files

The recent news of a LaGrange, GA. trucking company being shut down by order of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently is a stark and sobering reminder of the necessity to adhere to driver qualifications regulations.

If you’re unaware of the incident, here’s a brief refresher: a truck owned by Industrial Transit of LaGrange, GA was hauling Takata airbag components. While attempting to take a curve at high speed, the truck rolled over and caught fire. The fire causes the airbag components to explode. This resulted in a nearby hour catching fire, where one resident was killed.

In his article, Matt Cole, Associate Editor for CCJ and Overdrive, reports  that;

“The agency’s investigation found that Industrial Transit didn’t comply with “any driver qualification requirements,” which included making sure its drivers were licensed and physically qualified to drive a truck. FMCSA says the company allowed two drivers to drive its trucks that didn’t have CDLs. Additionally, the out-of-service order states the company didn’t “sufficiently implement” random drug testing and that a driver who had refused to take a random drug test was still allowed to drive.”

The article goes on to explain the numerous other safety and compliance violations the FMCSA investigation uncovered.  It was determined that this carrier had no safety management controls in place, which, ultimately, led to their decision to shut them down for business.

As an owner or an operator of a trucking organization, you have an obligation to maintain your equipment and to make sure your drivers are adequately trained. Aside from the fines and penalties, you can face for noncompliance,  you should strive to make sure people are safe.

As a result of this incident, damage to property could be in the millions and will put a huge financial strain on everyone involved. However, more importantly,  let’s not forget that people were badly hurt, and sadly, one person died.

This Didn’t Need To Happen

It’s true. This incident, and plenty others like it, could have been avoided.  There are many options available that could have been implemented.

At TivaCloud, we work with hundreds of trucking companies to help streamline the numerous DOT and OSHA compliance regulations, guidelines and deadlines to stay compliant and to avoid unnecessary fines.

One of the most sought out tools within our system is the Driver Qualification File Management System. This tool enables all your Driver Qualification files to be available when you need them, in an easy to understand format. Providing insights and alerts on upcoming expirations to help keep your company compliant, and your drivers on the road.

The ability to effectively manage your Driver Qualification Files can reduce your exposure to risk, eliminating potential fines and penalties.  

What Is A Driver Qualification File Management System?

TivaCloud’s Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management System helps you to minimize your risk by establishing, organizing, standardizing, and maintaining your DOT driver documentation, as well as any company required driver documents.

What Are My Responsibilities?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict documentation requirements necessary for each driver.  A Driver Qualification File for each driver must be maintained by the employer.

The full regulation, Title 49, Part 391, can be found on the FMCSA website.  Here we provide a snapshot of what each driver qualification file must include:

  • A completed driver’s application for employment;
  • A copy of the motor vehicle record received from each State record;
  • The certificate of driver’s road test issued to the driver or a copy of the license or certificate which the motor carrier accepted as equivalent to the driver’s road test;
  • The motor vehicle record received from each State driver licensing agency to the annual driver record inquiry;
  • A note relating to the annual review of the driver’s driving record;
  • A list or certificate relating to violations of motor vehicle laws and ordinances;
  • Potentially, a medical examiner’s certificate or a legible copy of the certificate.

The list of necessary items required for each driver isn’t particularly long, but multiply the required documents by 10 drivers, 20 drivers, 100 drivers  and the chances of missing an item, and in potentially receiving a fine, increases.

3 Main Reasons to Streamline Your Driver Qualification File Management

With TivaCloud’s DOT compliance software, your driver qualification file management processes are streamlined and digitized, lowering risks of misplacement, filing inaccuracies, manual error, and time-consuming record-keeping practices.

  1. Automatic Notifications
    Never get behind on expired data again. With TivaCloud you will receive dashboard and email notifications that track important data including driver’s licenses, physical cards, HAZMAT, motor vehicle reports, annual reviews, and more.
  2. Hard Copy Images
    TivaCloud is able to maintain digital images of each driver qualification file.
  3. Easy Customization
    Assign different access levels to your driver qualification files according to your company needs.

Stay Compliant – and Keep Everyone Safe

The trucking industry is inherently dangerous, as we all know. Sobering accounts of accidents which could have been avoided, like the one we discussed, should be an eye-opener for anyone reading this who has not implemented a system to manage their Driver Qualification Files.

The FMCSA regulations, though many and complex, are intended to make sure everyone remains safe. The easiest way for your company to keep up with these regulations and to stay compliant, and in business, is to automate the process.

Luckily, it’s never been easier to manage the complex regulatory requirements of the transportation industry.  You can now streamline your driver qualification management process, digitize your operations, and ensure complete DOT Compliance, all on one screen.

Can you afford not to? Regulations, privacy, security – times have changed. Stay progressive and digitize. Try it with no obligation, cancel within 30 days and pay nothing.

Ready to see how we can help you streamline your Drive Qualification File System?

Get your FREE online demo here.


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